Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis wants to teach kids how working together is key in music and democracy. The question asked, “Do we look the same? Do you think we think the same?”

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Wynton Marsalis / CBS News

Marsalis is the moving force behind the Jazz at Lincoln Center program, which has put $1,000,000 into music programs in 69 inner city schools in the United States and abroad from a Rockefeller Foundation grant.


Watching this piece from CBS Evening News drives home the point that via music, students learn that individual instruments have their own sound, they have their own place, and together they make the most beautiful music. Music that sometimes follows a score, and other times is entirely improvisational.

Just like the diversity in life, we are all different, we all bring value to the song of life, and together we can make a difference.

We think this epitomizes goodness, and encourage both parents and educators to engage their young, with music and drive home the important lesson: Inclusiveness through diversity is strength of community.