This is Ashley. she was a victim of sextortion. Her predator was 26-year-old Lucas Michael Chansler, who last year pled guilty to multiple counts of child pornography production and was sent to prison for 105 years—but not before he used the Internet to victimize nearly 350 teenage girls. The majority of those youngsters have not yet been identified.

Excerpt from Salt Lake City FOX13: A Utah mother is speaking out about the disturbing trend called Sextortion, where people online use personal pictures to blackmail victims.Cindy George’s 21-year old son Jake Curtis died by suicide after becoming a victim of one such scam.He was a month away from graduating from Utah Valley University. He wanted to be a teacher like his mom, but all that changed when he met a girl on Facebook in October 2015.  Source: Utah mother shares experience of son who died by suicide after ‘sextortion’ scam |

Jake Curtis was groomed and manipulated by an individual in the Philippines. The girl, convinced Curtis to share a nude photo of himself. Immediately after sharing, she stopped being the  kind affection girl from the Philippines and morphed into the extortionist. Demanding $300 be wired to her; then demanded more and more … collecting $700 from Curtis.

According to his mother, Curtis left a note in which he explained what had happened, apologized to his family and overwhelmed, took his life on 30 October 2015, just a few weeks after having met this girl on the internet.

Jake Curtis

Jake Curtis

Jake’s Obituary details how Jake enjoyed working at UPS, had graduated high school in 2012 with both his high school diploma and his Associates degree. From the description within, it is clear, Jake’s family and community held him in the highest regard.

Curtis’ mother admonished others in similar circumstance to, “Get some help, talk to someone, it’s not worth taking your life over: it’s just a picture.”


The FBI describes Sextortion as:

Sextortion is a type of online sexual exploitation in which individuals coerce victims into providing sexually explicit images or videos of themselves, often in compliance with offenders’ threats to post the images publicly or send the images to victims’ friends and family. The FBI has seen a significant increase in sextortion activity against children who use the Internet, typically ages 10 to 17, but any age child can become a victim of sextortion.

If you’re receiving Sextortion threats contact local law enforcement.
FBI video on Sextortion