I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Pirillo pre-Gnomedex about a variety of subjects, some light, some humorous and one very serious – the topic of bullying and the attendant suicides.  During this discussion, I also shared my thoughts on how we as a collective society need to step up and effect change in the immediate future.  I do hope you will come and listen to my talk on the Gnomedex stage at Seattle Interactive conference on 2 November 2011 at 1400 hours (2:00pm).

The presentation is titled:  “Unintended Consequences”

Abstract:   Our social interaction has morphed to an always-on, always-available existence.  Technology now allows us to reach out and touch one and other at will on a global basis.  While most of this interaction is cordial, not all, some become overwhelmed and this leads to unintended consequences – Bullycide.  

While time may be limited, we can and should step up and make a difference – I hope to see you at Gnomedex.

Here is my piece on,

“The 34 we lost in 2010 to bullycide”

Thank you for your time.


Christopher Burgess talking about his presentation for Gnomedex and other topics