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Billy Lucas – Age 15

Billy Lucas – His mother noted that he had told his friends that others were bothering him and harassing him. One classmate noted that “the bullies would call Billy, ‘gay and tell him to go kill himself'”

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Brittany Helton – Age 19

Brittany Helton was a 19-year-old who lived in Muncy, PA.  According to her obituary, Brittany ‘would have been a sophomore at Lycoming College, where she was on the Dean’s List and was a member of the Computer Club.”   On August 4, 2010 […]

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Online Safety – Cyber Bullying

The topic of cyber bullying or electronic harassment continues to percolate to the forefront of many discussions.  The Aldine, TX Senior high school had a good definition of cyber bullying:  Cyberbullying is the willful repeated harm inflicted through electronic devices. […]

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Justin Aaberg – Age 15

Justin Aarberg was a 15-year-old who on July 9, 2010 reached his the limit of his ability to cope, just weeks after finishing his freshman year at Anoka High School in Anoka, MN he killed himself.

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Christian Taylor – Age 16

Christian Taylor was a 16-year-old high school freshman at Grafton High School in York County Virgina. Christian, was bullied and tormented at the school over a sustained period of time. Christian and his mother had complained to both law enforcement and school officials weeks prior to Christian taking his life, by hanging, in late May 201o.

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Scott Walz – Age 18

Scott Walz was an 18 year-old senior at Johnsburg High School, Johnsburg, Illinois, who died on March 4, 2010, he hung himself at his family’s home. He had been bullied since the third grade. When the parents engaged the elementary school, when Scott was in 4th grade, they were told that Scott has to “toughen up.”

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Alexandria Moore – Age 15

Alex Moore was a 15-year-old high school student attended Jemison High School in Jemison, Alabama. On morning in mid-May 2010, Alex left her home and walked to an overpass above Interstate-65. She jumped.

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Ashley Rogers – Age 15

Ashley Roberts was a 15-year-old Sophomore at Glenn High School in Kernersville, NC, who in April 2010, hung herself in her family’s home following two days of bullying from two classmates from Glenn High School. The harassment came in the form of text messages.

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Alexis Pilkington – Age 17

Alexis Pilkington was a Senior at West Islip High School who was bullied incessantly online. Cyberbullying is what that is called. Her mean-spirited classmates posted unflattering and simply mean content on both on “Facebook” and the less known, but perhaps more dangerous “Formspring.”

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Edward Collier – Age 16

Edward Collier was 16 years of age when he was gunned down coming to the aid of his elder sibling, Daryl Eddie, who was being pummeled by two boys who had been threatening him at school the previous two weeks. I include him in my list as not all deaths associated with bullying are self-inflicted, but the children are still gone and the family has still lost their loved one.

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Phoebe Prince – Age 15

Phoebe Prince was a 15-year-old student at South Hadley High School, located in South Hadley, Massachusetts.  Phoebe was bullied over a period of six months.  She took her own life on 14 January 2010.       The District Attorney brought criminal charges against […]

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Electronic Harassment – The insidious ills of our online society

This is the first blog from within the veritate et virtute domain.It is fitting, therefore, this particular post revolve around a topic which continues to provide challenges to legislators both in the United States, as well as elsewhere around this […]

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