11 October 2011 (#NCSAM – National Cyber Security Awareness Month)

Wi-Fi:  Three steps to stay safe when connecting via wireless

Those who have followed my writing on the subject of Wi-Fi security know my passion for taking seemingly basic steps to keep one’s wireless activity safe and secure.  In a recent survey conducted by the Wi-Fi Alliance 86% of all respondents had taken the appropriate steps to  secure their routers, but only 56% had taken the step to create a “hard” password, thus making themselves vulnerable to dictionary attacks or the like.

So take three basic steps to keep yourself Wi-Fi secure:

  1.  WPA2 encryption
  2.  Use strong passwords {example: (B$@iJH91$(~(K )  } and don’t reuse the password for another purpose.  If you share the password with a visitor, change the password.
  3.  When using public networks, only use networks you know and if using open networks, only use HTTPS connections.

Stay safe and secure,


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