Breakfast is the meal which energizes us for the day. Unfortunately, not all in the United States have the means to provide their families with this all important meal. One in six families are food insecure in the United States – 300,000,000+ is our population, that means 50,000,000 citizens worry about their breakfast. 
Did you have your breakfast?  Many didn’t, and that has some far reaching effects: 
  • It means the child going to school will be focused more on their hunger than their learning.
  • It means the working parent is more lethargic than energized.
  • It means pregnant women aren’t getting the nutrients to the child they are carrying
  • It means the long-term health of those who hunger are at risk.
We can collectively address this situation.  But I can’t do it alone.  I ask each of you to support my effort to provide 35,000 meals to those who hunger in the United states.  With Libby’s matching funds, your $1 donation will provide for 14 meals.    
Let’s make it possible for all to say, “Yes, I had my breakfast today.”
Thank you for your time.
All the best,