The year 2006 was an interesting one, with my public speaking engagements limited, as I transitioned from a government executive to a corporate executive.  I largely focused my presentations on the various aspects of industrial and corporate espionage, and finished the book, Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost.   Speaking at the Anti Phishing Working Group on the art of targeted online attacks using the technique which has come to be known as “spear phishing” proved to prescient, as the years 2007-2010 saw this migrate to the top of the stack of external risk.  The kind invite to the SC Magazine’s executive summit to keynote, afforded me the opportunity to get to know the SC Magazine team and evolved to my becoming a member of their editorial advisory board.  To be invited by the US Secret Service to speak to their Electronic Crimes Task force on the topic of social engineering, was an honor and like phishing, is a recurring topic.   — Christopher

– Speaker: “The Tale of the Targeted Trojan” – Anti-Phishing Working Group, October 2006, Orlando, FL
– Speaker: “Global Threat to Intellectual Property” – SC Magazine’s Executive Summit, October 2006, SC Magazine, Napa, CA
– Speaker: “Social Engineering” – United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force – May 2006, San Francisco, CA