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Bullying – RIP Olivia Mae Scott – 9 October 2013 – Bullycide

RIP Olivia Mae Scott – 9 October 2013 a victim of bullycide. Bristol, Vermont lost a beautiful young lady on October 9, 2013.  Olivia Mae Scott, 16, a Junior at Mount Abraham Union High School passed away unexpectedly.  “Passed away […]

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Tiffani Maxwell – Bullycide Victim – Age 16 – January 2011

In mid January 2011, Tiffani Maxwell of Portersville, PA took her own life, she shot herself. According to her parents she was the target of bullying and falsehoods – the methodology included both cyber-bulling and face-to-face by her classmates.

Her mother, Sandy reported that Tiffani was falsely accused of using drugs at school and was expelled. Following the expulsion she received text messages saying ‘Tiffani you’re in rehab.’ ‘You’re on drugs.’

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SMISH smash, don’t let your accounts take a Phish bath

What’s SMISH? SMISH is Short Message Service (SMS) Phish or in the lexicon of the day, Text Message Phishing. What’s phishing? Phishing is a criminal action where you are engaged by a third-party with the specific goal of you providing private and sensitive information for nefarious purposes. The difference between SMISH (SMS Phish) and Email Phish (Phish) is only the avenue by which you are engaged by the criminal.
How does it work?

Mobile – Daily risks mitigated

If you don’t maintain the health of your device then you should expect that your device will at some point in the future become compromised in some way, shape or form.
What type of compromises may occur? How often? What can you do?
Let’s answer these in order…

Bullycide – My Time Has Come and So I’m Gone

No doubt you are aware of the tragic loss of life which occurred in Cooperstown, North Dakota late last week, when 16 year old Cassidy Joy Andel, posted a disquieting message upon her Facebook page, “My time has come, and […]