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Book Review: The Slave Across the Street

I just finished reading “The Slave Across the Street” which is a first person account of how Theresa Flores, at age 15 found herself enslaved in Michigan.  Flores’ describes the circumstances surrounding her enslavement to include, how those who exploited […]

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Human Trafficking – Slavery at Sea

On 25 January 2014, Scottish Express carried a story, “Boat Slave Shame of Fishing Industry” which details slavery at sea, the continued practice of bringing in foreign workers to man the fishing fleets and then isolating and effectively enslaving these workers. […]

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Book Review: Off the Street

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Detective Christopher Baughman of the Las Vegas Police Department in person and chatting with him about his book, “Off the Street.” (to be released September 2011). You see Detective Baughman is the lead for the Las Vegas PD’s Pandering Investigation Team, part of Las Vegas Vice, and his book details the team’s first case. His mild manner belays his internal fire to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Our discussion ranged from technologies described in his book, to human trafficking situation in Las Vegas where literally hundreds of vulnerable children and adults are manipulated into the sex trade. I also asked his permission to share the review pre-publication, to which he agreed. Read more…

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Sex Trafficking in the United States – 2 New Voices (“Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher launch their foundation to address sex trafficking of children in the United States. The skeptic says, “This can not be.” The hopeful says, “There aren’t many.” And the activist says, “Where are they and how can I make a difference.” I want to spark the activist in all of us, educate the skeptic in each of us and engage with you the shared hope that if we each take one demonstrable action we can take one of these individuals who are exploiting our youth off the street and make a difference to many children – today and tomorrow. — Read more…

Human Trafficking: Diplomatic Immunity in the US?

Do diplomats who engage in Human Trafficking or enslavement in the United States enjoy diplomatic immunity? The question is often asked and the answer isn’t always, yes.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2011

Today is January 11, 2011, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, unfortunately.  The 13th Amendment was signed by President Lincoln on February 1, 1865, unfortunately some 100+ years has been insufficient to remove slavery from the United States.  So we who live […]

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