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Kevin Upshur
Courtesy: NBC News

Meet  Kevin Upshur, 58, the founder of Strawberry Mansion Learning Center. He took his mother’s bar and turned it into a safe haven for the inner-city children of Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. Many are calling Upshur a “hometown hero.”  He characterized himself as someone who wanted to make a difference, and what a difference he is making.

This is #Goodness personified.

The Strawberry Mansion Learning Center serves as an “after-school sanctuary, where children can get help with homework, read books, and eat an extra meal.” The nearby local high school has a graduation rate of 41 percent.  Monday through Thursday from 3:30-6:00 PM local college students volunteer their time and provide tutoring after school. Snacks are always provided for those in attendance. Every Saturday morning from 10 AM to 1 PM the center arranges mentored field trips.


Goodness requires assistance, and Uphsur has received the assistance of strangers and neighbors alike. Their August 2016 GoFundMe page for kitchen and bathroom renovations was targeted at $25,000 and raised over $32,000 via the generosity of 251 people.


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Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood was known for its poverty and crime, but a hometown hero stepped in to change the landscape and give kids a safe place to be inspired.

Source: Inspiring America: Hometown Hero Turns Family Bar Into Safe Haven for Kids