In a tragic case of child abuse and criminal sex trafficking of her own daughter, Amy Floyd Morgan was arrested for selling her pre-teen daughter to Rama Raji Erramraju so that he could have sex with her. The arrangement between Morgan and Erramraju carried on for well over a year, with Morgan delivering her daughter (under 12) to Erramraju in an Oneonta, Alabama motel.

According to AL.COM, “affidavits in the case and warrants against Erramraju, he engaged in sexual contact on multiple occasions between June 2015 and August 2016. The victim in the case is girl under the age of 12, and the reported crimes happened in room 106 at the Covered Bridge Inn in Oneonta where Erramraju lived.”

AL.COM describes Morgan’s role, “for more than a year, received money from 44-year-old Rama Raji Erramraju so that he could have sexual contact with Morgan’s young daughter.”

Morgan is being held in the Blount County Correctional Facility (Blount County, Alabama) on $350,000 bond. Erramraju is also being held in the Blount County Correctional Facility on without bond.

Amy Floyd Morgan

Amy Floyd Morgan

Rama Raji Erramraju

Rama Raji Erramraju

The sale of one’s child is abhorrent, yet it continues to occur in the United States as well as elsewhere around the world. This is not a pleasant topic, or one we can afford to sweep under the carpet, thanking the powers to be that it wasn’t our own situation.

We remember the case of  the Hart’s (Madison County, Kentucky) who from 2009-2011 sold their two teenage daughters for money and goods.

The grand jury indictment read, “arranging for their 13 and 14-year-old daughters to provide companionship and affection to male individuals in exchange for money and goods …”

What causes individuals to sell their children into the sex trade? Economic catastrophe, wanton disregard for the well being of their child?

Want to end child abuse?  Give a damn.

Rainbird Foundation

We must put an end, not reduce, end the abuse of our children. To that end, I commend to you the good works of my friend, Hanna Roth, and the Rainbird Foundation.

Rainbird Foundation mission: Our mission is to build a global movement for the end of child abuse, empowering people around the world to develop partnerships, unify, organize, and mobilize effectively to end violations against children.

So I invite you to do more than lament the plight of the 12-year old daughter of Morgan or the many other children being abused and lean in and eradicate child abuse.  Reach out to the Rainbird Foundation and given them a helping hand.

Want to know about their successes, give this link a click: Rainbird Foundation Successes

We can end child abuse, we just have to invest our efforts to do so and dispense with the notion that reducing child abuse is satisfactory, it isn’t.