Super Bowl 2013
Just yesterday I wrote of the Super Bowl & Sex Trafficking on my other blog Veritate et Virtute (Truth & Courage) and provided the PSA from the City of New Orleans (along with the New Orleans Saints, the Catholic Arch Diocese, and many others).  The piece was well received, with many expressing surprise, while others wishing more is said on this issue.

To be clear – the criminal element exploiting the lives of others is a constant in every metro area in the United States, every day.  The Super Bowl is a sporting event which will bring in thousands of visitors to the host venue.  The economists expect that millions of dollars of revenue will be ingested by the New Orleans economy.  And these combinations – money and potential clientele cause the migration of the pimps and traffickers to New Orleans.

What can you do?

You can be aware, and make it more difficult for the criminal element to operate within the fringes of the Super Bowl.  

If you are a the Super Bowl and you see a child proffering themselves up for sex, please don’t turn your head

Call 911

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline – 1-888-373-7888

Visit the web site Free-NOLA

You see the average life expectancy of a 12-year-old child forced into sexual slavery is just seven years. These children are NOT criminals, they are victims they need our help. Perhaps collectively we can help make February 3 and the days leading up to them safe for all concerned.

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