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Typhoon Haiyan – plea for aid

The super-typhoon, Typhoon Haiyan, came crashing down on the nation of island, the Philippines this past weekend and has affected more than 4 million people. While immediate aid is rushing to the affected areas, the longterm aid required to help […]

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When you step into your past, you may step into a cow-patty

The Thai people remain amongst the friendliest and engaging in the world. My childhood memories will remain, I am glad I was able to show my bride Thailand the land of my youth. I felt during my walk through my personal life’s history, I had stepped into a cow-patty. It is most lamentable Thailand has allowed the denigration and exploitation of women and children to evolve to the current levels, and in the process acquiring the moniker of “Sex tourism destination of choice.” – Read of our experience during our recent anniversary trip…