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Rape – Child Custody is an Issue?

n the United States, ~25,000 women become pregnant through rape each year. In 27 states there are no laws which protect the custodial rights guaranteed to the mother of the resulting child.

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Online Safety: Neighborhood Watch Programs – WiFi

In my research, I found it interesting that, with the ubiquitous nature of wireless connectivity within our homes and businesses, I was unable to find an example of where a Neighborhood Watch had integrated the identification of insecure wireless access points within their neighborhoods. I advocate including a wireless scan capability into Neighborhood Watch programs. Most people who have a wireless access point do nothing more than simply pull it out of the box, and plug it into the wall and their broadband service provider. Neighbors can help neighbors stay safe by letting them know when their wireless access point is in an open or insecure state.

Human Trafficking: Diplomatic Immunity in the US?

Do diplomats who engage in Human Trafficking or enslavement in the United States enjoy diplomatic immunity? The question is often asked and the answer isn’t always, yes.

Hunger – When your bowl is empty

There is sufficient food available in this world today, unfortunately the geopolicital and economic short-sightedness are ensuring that we have 925,000,000 persons not getting that food. Do something, there are far too many empty bowls.

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