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Death by shame – Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons was 17 years old when she took her life. She had been shamed and humiliated following the sexual victimization by a group of boys two years prior. The Nova Scotia prosecutor claimed insufficient evidence to prosecute. Now we have a child gone, due to bullycide. Sadly, the Nova Scotia government has gone into damage control mode, which may be too little too late.

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Victims of Bullying need to know they can survive

The suicide death of 15 year-old Amanda Todd was a preventable and tragic event. Her mother, Carol Todd, has asked that her daughter’s death be used as a means to prevent the death of another child. Our children need to understand that suicide is not the coping option. That one can survive being bullied. That we all make mistakes, that we all are stronger when we have a support system to lean on.
Chris Pirillo, a man who I admire very much, has a suggestion – a one-day conference for children to learn that bully victims can and do survive and most importantly for them to know that life is worth living. I am supporting Chris in his effort to put such a conference together. I solicit your support, spiritual, fiscal, and participatory.

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