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SMISH smash, don’t let your accounts take a Phish bath

What’s SMISH? SMISH is Short Message Service (SMS) Phish or in the lexicon of the day, Text Message Phishing. What’s phishing? Phishing is a criminal action where you are engaged by a third-party with the specific goal of you providing private and sensitive information for nefarious purposes. The difference between SMISH (SMS Phish) and Email Phish (Phish) is only the avenue by which you are engaged by the criminal.
How does it work?

2006 – Presentations by Christopher Burgess

The year 2006 was an interesting one, with my public speaking engagements limited, as I transitioned from a government executive to a corporate executive.  I largely focused my presentations on the various aspects of industrial and corporate espionage, and finished […]

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