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Safer Internet Day 2013 – 9 Safety Tips

Today is international Safer Internet Day 2013. Take a few moments and think about the online safety and security of you and your family.
Nine tips to help you get started:
Tip #1 – Know who:
Tip #2 – Security Software:
Tip #3 – Passwords:
Tip #4 – Guidance & Direction:
Tip #5 – Browser Settings:
Tip #6 – Tagging:
Tip #7 – E-mail:
Tip #8 – Computer Settings:
Tip #9 – Public Computers:

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Passwords – Creation & Usage – Online Safety & Security

Do you use a password? The evolution of online crime is as much about your password strength as it is about your password usage. If you use your strong password for shopping site A and then reuse the password for shopping sites B, C, D, E, F then you are basically saying to yourself – “I trust each of these sites to have the same robust level of security”