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Bailey O’Neill – 12 Year-old Bullying Victim Dies – March 2013

Bailey O’Neill, passed away, the day after his 12th birthday. Bailey had been injured in January 2013 during an incident which occurred at Darby Township (PA) School, in which he had his nose broken and suffered a concussion; over the course of the ensuing weeks he began suffering seizures. Bailey’s parents brought him to hospital, where Bailey was placed into a medically induced coma so as to allow medical personnel the opportunity to diagnose the cause of his seizures.

According to Bailey’s family, he was “jumped” by two students during recess at the school; the two students who attacked Bailey received two day suspensions from school following the January incident.

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Mobile – Daily risks mitigated

If you don’t maintain the health of your device then you should expect that your device will at some point in the future become compromised in some way, shape or form.
What type of compromises may occur? How often? What can you do?
Let’s answer these in order…

Game On! Eight tips to stay safe while playing online games

Do you or your children participate in online gaming, using your PC, smart phone or game box? Then you need to make sure you understand what’s going on, especially behind the curtain, when you configure your “game” settings. Here are eight online security tips to keep you safe and secure.

Cyber Security Awareness: Are you?

Today marks the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the United States. If you’re reading this piece you are on a social network and have a modicum of interest in your online security. Throughout the month (as I have for the past few years) I will be publishing snack size tips that you may wish to share (family, friends, colleagues, or whomever) so that all have a leg-up on keeping their online activities enjoyable, but also safe and secure.

Online Safety – HTTPS

Please make sure you are connecting via HTTPS (S=secure) and much better for YOU than the HTTP connection

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Bullycide – My Time Has Come and So I’m Gone

No doubt you are aware of the tragic loss of life which occurred in Cooperstown, North Dakota late last week, when 16 year old Cassidy Joy Andel, posted a disquieting message upon her Facebook page, “My time has come, and […]

Our Family Is Our Responsibility

I recently spoke at an event in Seattle on the security aspects of Social Media, both from the business and personal perspective.  One question which I fielded surrounded whether or not there is risk to children via the various social […]

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