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Freedom is seldom free

Freedom is seldom free – served to remind all of us why we were serving our nation abroad. It also served to remind us that our freedoms, such as religious freedom and freedom of speech, are not universally enjoyed.
“When Christians are subject to insults to their faith, and that certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence. When Hindus or Buddhists are subjected to insults to their faiths, and that also certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence. The same goes for all faiths, including Islam.”

“We can pledge that whenever one person speaks out in ignorance and bigotry, ten voices will answer. They will answer resoundingly against the offense and the insult, answering ignorance with enlightenment, answering hatred with understanding, answering darkness with light; that if one person commits a violent act in the name of religion, millions will stand up and condemn it out of strength.”

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Human Trafficking: Diplomatic Immunity in the US?

Do diplomats who engage in Human Trafficking or enslavement in the United States enjoy diplomatic immunity? The question is often asked and the answer isn’t always, yes.

Hunger – When your bowl is empty

There is sufficient food available in this world today, unfortunately the geopolicital and economic short-sightedness are ensuring that we have 925,000,000 persons not getting that food. Do something, there are far too many empty bowls.

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