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Love the Child and Look Beyond Your Front Door

As we roll into this holiday season please take a moment and think about the children who are orphans and/or foster children.  These children are in a state of flux. Those of us who haven’t experienced being a child in […]

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Children as a commodity – Human Trafficking & Sex Trafficking

Those who are unfamiliar with the terms “sex trafficking” or “human trafficking” I hope will envision children being bought and sold, for the use of others – child slavery would also be an apropos term. This isn’t isolated to some poor unfortunates in a far away land. Look around and you will see it; look around and understand. The year is now 2012 and we continue to see an ever increasing number of fellow humans being trafficked and enslaved. In fact, the number of persons believed to be enslaved in 2012 is at its greatest level in the history of mankind.