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Bullycide – My Time Has Come and So I’m Gone

No doubt you are aware of the tragic loss of life which occurred in Cooperstown, North Dakota late last week, when 16 year old Cassidy Joy Andel, posted a disquieting message upon her Facebook page, “My time has come, and […]

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  • Brandon BItner

Brandon Bitner – Age 14

Brandon Bitner was a 14-year-old straight-A freshman student at Midd West High School in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. He wrote a suicide note to his family “I’m sure that when I’m gone, you’ find the strength not to let this happen to anyone else.”

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Jesse Buchsbaum – Age 17

Jesse Buchsbaum was a 17-year-old 11th grade student at Boyerton Area High School (Boyerton, Pennsylvania)whose parents say, bullying led to their son committing suicide on October 25, 2010.  Jesse was learning disabled and according to his mother, Louise Buchsbaum, he was slow.  […]

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Jamarcus Bell – Age 14

Jamarcus Bell was a 14-year-old who lived in Fishers, Indiana and attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. He was a freshman at Hamilton and according to his friends, he committed suicide on October 20, 2010. Jamarcus aka “Bucko” was a baseball player and a member of the schools step team. He was also gay. His parents and friends say he was bullied at school.

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  • Jordan Binion - Age 17 - Click to view his story

Jordan Binion – Age 17

Jordan Binion, a 17-year-old high school senior at Graham Kapowsin High School in Graham, Washington.  Friends say that he was tormented and bullied to the point of feeling helpless.  According to Seattle’s KOMO-TV, Jordan was tormented by students at his school […]

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Caleb Nolt – Age 14

Caleb Nolt was a 14-year-old freshman at North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who passed on September 20, 2010. Caleb enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend and attending church with her. He and his twin brother, according to the obituary, would talk late into the night. But Caleb was bullied at school for his manner of dress.

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  • Jeremy Wise - Age 14 - click to learn his story

Jeremy Wise – Age 14

Jeremy Wise was a 14-year-old eighth grader at the North Middle School in Martinsburg, WV. On November 3, 2010 he took his own life. He was, according to his parents, teased and bullied surrounding his weight.

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Online Safety – “Bullycide” the End Result of Cyber Bullying

The recent suicide by Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi is a horrific tragedy on so many levels.  As I noted in my prior pieces on cyber bullying, tolerance and respect are sorely lacking in today’s society.  This situation is further amplified by our […]

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Asher Brown – Age 13

Asher Brown as a 13-year-old eighth grader at Hamilton Middle School just outside of Houston, Texas. Asher was bullied at his school beyond his ability to cope and he took his own life once he hit the breaking point.

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Felix Sacco – Age 17

Felix Sacco was a 17-year-old senior at Saugus High School, Saugus Massachusetts who took his own life in late September 2010.  According to his mother, Felix had been seeing a psychiatrist (and in fact had an appointment earlier in the week) to cope […]

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Raymond Chase – Age 19

Raymond Chase was 19-years-old when he hung himself in his college dorm room on September 29, 2010 . Raymond was a student of culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. Although, many have killed themselves because of anti-gay bullying […]

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Tyler Clementi – Age 18

Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River on September 22, 2010 after a recording of him with a man was broadcast online. Tyler was 18 years of age and a freshman at Rutgers University. I […]

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Seth Walsh – Age 13

Seth Walsh – On Sept. 19, his single mother Wendy found him unconscious; he had tried to hang himself from a tree in his backyard after another apparent bullying incident. He lingered on life support for more than a week [passing on 29 September]. His death has since shattered emotions in this rural community 120 miles (190 km) north of Los Angeles. Close to 600 townspeople crammed into First Baptist on Friday, Oct. 1, to remember the teen

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Cody Barker – Age 17

Cody Barker, a 17-year-old who took his own life on September 13, 2010 attended Shiocton High School in Shiocton, Wisconsin.  His mother, Darla Barker says the she suspects that bullying did play a role in her son’s death.  Cody was active […]

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