BurgessCT  is the personal website of Christopher Burgess, where he shares his thoughts on many of the chronic issues which face our society today in the 21st century.

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Media:  Christopher is available to all media for expert commentary on a number of topics.  Online safety, cyber security, insider threat, international affairs, espionage, intellectual property protection, food insecurity, Human or Sex Trafficking. Christopher has a media center in his home and is able to provide remote HD video with Seattle backdrop.

Human Trafficking:  The United States has a serious issue with respect to the trafficking of persons within our borders.  Christopher will share his thoughts on the situation in each of the states which make up the United States with particular emphasis on the sexual exploitation of minors.

Safety & Security:  As the title implies, will be full of advice and guidance on keeping you and your family safe online and off.  In addition, Christopher will speak the prevalent issues being experienced by our young and elderly in the online world, which end up in exploitation, bullying, or threat to life/property.

Reading and Viewing:  My reviews and commentary on books, films, and programs which I have read, viewed, or attended  and which I believe others will find of interest.

Presentations:  Each year, Christopher is invited to speak at a number of events.  This is a quick archive of those events, by year going back five years.

Secrets Stolen, Fortune Lost:  Christopher’s co-authored book. Visit to read about the book, and if you desire purchase a copy.

Senior Online Safety:  Senior Online Safety is a Washington State Non-Profit which was created by Christopher Burgess to provide actionable information to boomers, seniors and their families to help them stay safe online

You may contact Christopher Burgess at:  ctb@burgessct.com