The super-typhoon, Typhoon Haiyan, came crashing down on the nation of island, the Philippines this past weekend and has affected more than 4 million people. While immediate aid is rushing to the affected areas, the longterm aid required to help the people of the Philippines get their feet back on the ground will be a more long-term investment. Here are organizations which will not squander your donation, please give as you are able, every little bit helps.  Thank you.
Typhoon Haiyan - World VisionWorld Vision advises:
Your gift will help provide vital relief to children and families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.
$24 can provide essential supplies like a blanket and mosquito net.
$33 can supply a hygiene kit for a family.
$35 can provide a food kit to feed a family for 7 days.
$184 can give a family an emergency shelter.
$285 can provide essentials a family needs to survive, including food, clean water, shelter, education, and Child-Friendly Spaces.  DONATE to World Vision

image_lead_homepageOxFam advises:
Oxfam aid teams are on the ground in the Philippines and reporting urgent needs of food, clean water, medicine and shelter. Communication lines between some provinces are cut and many areas are experiencing total black outs. Thousands are feared dead, and local emergency food stocks are dwindling.  DONATE to OXFAM


Typhoon Haiyan

Save the Children advises:
We need your generous gift to support our efforts. Your support will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families. Ten percent of your contribution will be used to help us prepare for the next emergency. Nobody knows when the next disaster will strike, but your support helps Save the Children provide assistance in the critical first hours and days of an emergency when children need us most.  DONATE to Save the Children