Bailey O'NeillBailey O’Neill passed away the day after his 12th birthday.  Bailey had been injured in January 2013 during  an incident which occurred at Darby Township (PA) School, in which he had his nose broken and suffered a concussion; over the course of the ensuing weeks he began suffering seizures.  Bailey’s parents brought him to hospital, where Bailey was placed into a medically induced coma so as to allow medical personnel the opportunity to diagnose the cause of his seizures.

According to Bailey’s family, he was “jumped” by two students during recess at the school; the two students who attacked Bailey received two-day suspensions from school following the January incident.  NBC10 Philadelphia reported:

“Southeast Delco School District Superintendent Stephen D. Butz says the school sends its condolences to the boy’s friends and family. He said additional counselors are being made available for both students and staff.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan says investigators are trying to determine if the injuries Bailey received in the fight caused his seizures. Investigators interviewed students and recess aides who were on the playground when the fight broke out.

We can assure them that we are going to continue with our investigation,” said Whelan.”

And with that, we have yet another victim of bullying, that of 12 year-old Bailey O’Neill.  We’ll have to await Delaware County District Attorney, Jack Whelan findings to determine the affect the recess beating had on Bailey’s demise; we must however continue to attempt to get out in front of the knee-jerk to violence.  Once again we are in a “reactive” mode.  Let’s work together to be more proactive and avoid these incidents completely.

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