Kristen Lewis Cunnane

Yesterday my stomach turned.   I read this headline:  “Moraga School District: Child sex abuse victim was ‘careless and negligent‘  The child being discussed was 12 years old.  From under what rock did this school district and their attorneys crawl out?  A 12 year-old child is NEVER responsible for the actions of an adult in the abuse of the child.  NEVER ever NEVER.

It matters not that the victim is today 30 years old and that the abuse occurred some 18 years in the past.  Two middle-school teachers stand accused of sexually abusing her.  Saying a 12 year-old asked for the abuse begs us to ask, What the hell is going on in Moraga, CA?

The good folks at “Stop Abuse” have started an online campaign, cause, to send a clear message to Moraga – participate here:  Petition to send a clear message to Moraga School District that 12 year-old children are no culpable in their own abuse.

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