Today is the Day of the Girl.

This young lady,  Malala Yousafzai, was targeted for assassination by the Taliban. She lived in the SWAT valley in NW Pakistan.  As someone who has spent some time in that area of the world, the tribal influence is far superior to that of the governmental influence.  Thus it is no surprise that the Taliban influence is greater than in the more urban areas.  In 2009, the Taliban banned education for girls.  Malala, with the support of her family, ignored the banned and enrolled.   The Taliban then tracked her to her school, waited outside, and when she exited shot her twice. Her crime? Obtaining a basic education and sharing the knowledge and the fact that such is possible with others.

Education is the key to moving the millions out of abject poverty. Today, there are 250 million girls in poverty asking for an education.

Let me introduce you to an organization doing something, “The Girl Effect.” They have my support, they should have yours.  I admire their ability to tell the story in clear and concise manner.


Girl Effect  (2008 Video):

Girl Effect – The clock is ticking (2010 Video):

In sum, please ensure our global youth receive an education. Please do all you can to ensure our young stay in school and obtain the basic education that they so dearly need to be competitive in today’s economy. During your encounters with your young or those of others, empower critical thinking and articulation of points of view. Teach the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable.

Thank you.