It’s not who you know, it’s how you treat them

By Corinne A. Gregory

Many of us remember our parents telling us of the Golden Rule – Treat unto others as you would have others treat unto you – this axiom served us all well as we grew and our circle of contacts, acquaintances and friends expanded.  Indeed, as we entered into our primary, middle and secondary education when the universe was seemingly centered on our forehead, it served as a powerful compass as we muddled our way through our daily interactions.  We were making contact and some of these individuals would evolve to lifelong trusted contacts.  Then as we entered the workforce it seemed remarkable how the lessons of our childhood seemingly disappeared for many as they marched through the professional “trenches.”

In “It’s not who you know, it’s how you treat them,” Ms. Gregory discusses in plain-speak how to stop mining the rolodex for who can do something for you next, and start investing in the rolodex.  Her chapter architecture is spot-on – Topic – Discussion – Self-inspection.  She walks you through the important nuances of professional relationship development and sustenance, covers topics such as respect, the power of the “what’s in it for us,”  how the power of the first impression is not a myth, building and maintaining those lasting relationships, thank you – two powerful words, and business/social decorum.

I’ve no doubt that as you are reading this book, you will find yourself moving away from the conflict mindset of marching through the trenches and evolve to the power of the respectful professional engagement, and the positive impact this has on the success of not only you, but also those whom you engage.

Christopher Burgess

NB:  The reviewer sits on the Advisory Board of Social Smarts and was gifted this book by the author.

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