In my community and probably in yours as well, the cacophony of the pleas for donations by food banks continues as the need for assistance is ever-growing. Look at the Mississippi river situation from Illinois to Louisiana good folks who were self-sufficient and growers of grain and produce have their fields flooded and crops destroyed or delayed. Couple this with the continued unemployment at rate for the nation at above nine percent (the rate may vary for your locale, but as they say, if you’re the one unemployed its 100%), and you understand how the need for assistance grows on a continuum.

My call to action for you today is to search out your local food bank and give:
1. Money is always needed to purchase food items
2. Canned and Dry goods – but please look at the expiration date – if the goods have expired throw those out, don’t give them to the food bank.
3. Time – no doubt your most valuable resource, but without volunteers and those volunteer’s hours, many food banks can’t keep their doors open.

Need help finding a food bank or food pantry in your community? Here are a few resources:
Food banks serving Seattle and King County, WA:
Feeding America:
Food Pantry Organization:

Stamp Out Hunger 2011 – Feeding America Video

You can sit and watch the tragedy of hunger in the United States continue, or you can do something. I thank you for your action, your community thanks you for your action and those who will have a meal in their bowl and on their table due to your action thank you.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,