Aiden - Age 17

I learned earlier this week  of the tragic suicide of  Aiden Rivera Schaeff which occurred one year ago today, 22 April 2010.  Aiden was 17 year of age, and attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school in Montgomery County, Maryland.   According to the family’s web site, created in tribute to Aiden, Aiden entered high school “as a girl and after identifying the he felt more at peace as a boy, transitioned to his new identity without hiding who he was.  The school authorities were extremely supportive of his determination to live his life as who he was.  Some of his fellow-students were not so kind. ” 

The family wishes to create an endowment at American University in Washington DC to fund student-run initiatives aimed at:  Reducing Bullying against LGBT high school aged youth and helping at-risk youth to survive bullying when it does occur.   Please visit the family site to participate in their L’il Dude Big Heart program to fund this endowment.

Visit the family’s tribute web site:   Aiden Rivera Schaeff: Lil’ Dude, Big Heart


With the addition of Aiden, the number of suicides associated with bullied youth now stands at 35. 

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