My 2010 speaking schedule took me to all corners of the world.  I traveled to Hong Kong, where I was honored to be an industry plenary speaker at the Interpol/Hong Kong Customs Intellectual Property Crime conference, also visited Canada, Toronto specifically, where I spoke at the Ontario government’s town hall, and not far from home, I was pleased to be asked to  presented at the Social Media Club of Seattle, where I spoke to the security aspects of social media.  I also enjoyed returning once again to Mons, Belguim, where I spoke for the fourth year at the NATO Information Assurance conference, this year I took the layman’s read on the complicated topic of Federated Identity.  Here is a listing of all of my 2010 public speaking engagements:


Province of Ontario, Canada-Speaker – “Intellectual Property Threat Vector” – Ontario Government Town Hall – November 2010, Toronto, Canada

– Speaker – “Common Sense of Social Media” – Arkansas State Government IT Summit, November 2010

 – Speaker – “Global Threat to Intellectual Property” – Computer Security Institute conference, October 2010, Washington DC

 – Speaker:  “Global Threat to Intellectual Property, Four Threat Vectors” – Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Conference, October 2010, Hong Kong

– Speaker: “Federated Identity – Who am I, Who are You?” –  NATO Info Assurance Conference – Mons, Belguim –  September 2010

– Speaker: “Common Sense of Social Media” – Cisco – Social Media Summit – August 2010

 – Speaker: “Common Sense of Social Media” – Social Media Club of Seattle, June 2010

 – Speaker: “Security Strategies” – ISACA – Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference – Denver – May 2010