Libby's Virtual Canned Food Drive Goal of $2500/35,000 Meals
This year I again chose to support Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive and together with each of you who participated we raised $3745, which exceeded our target amount of $2500/35,000 meals  by a wide mark.  Our $3745 was matched by Libby’s Food’s generous match of $1 for every $1 donated up to $40000.  Based on my review of the Feeding America/Libby’s tally board, the modest success put us at the top of the tally board.  With Libby’s match of $3745, Feeding America is now able to place 14 meals for every $1 which they receive, thus through Libby’s generous corporate initiative Feeding America is able to add more than 52,400 meals to the tables of those who hunger in America. 

I also learned that an additonal $1.5 match was secured by Feeding America.  Thus the numbers of meals put on the tables grew to more than 90,000 meals, a tremendous success by any measure. 

So for the 40+ people who participated, you have my sincere thanks on behalf of those who will benefit from your generosity.  For those who came to the Feeding America website after 13 December and saw that the campaign had concluded, please give directly to Feeding America and if there is a current match in play, they will ensure your dollars are included.  

I’ve been asked how I handled my end of the campaign.  I used social media and social networking tools and capabilities.   I sent one email to my family and friends within my personal rolodex; I sent innumerable Twitter tweets to the 3000+ followers; I sent an email to each of my professional contacts within Linkedin; I also sent a message to each of my friends within Facebook; I also invited my colleagues at Cisco to participate (and their donation, when documented by Feeding America was eligible for an additional double match within Cisco’s fight hunger campaign).   I also wrote a number of pieces describing hunger in the United States on my blogs (they are all listed below).   I invite you to replicate the above.

To Libby’s Food (and your parent corporation Seneca Foods) – your model is an extraordinary example of corproate social responsibility.  I personally thank you.

Will there be a Virtual Canned Food Drive in 2011 (#VFD2011), I don’t know what Libby’s plans are, but I sure hope so, as their are no prognosis for the need for Feeding America to disapate, and thus if Libby’s is there in 2011, I plan to join them for a third year and conduct  #VFD2011.  

All the very best,


I provide to you a copy of the email I sent to each individual donor:

The 2010 virtual canned food drive hosted by Libby’s finished this week.  I wanted you to know what your generous donation helped achieve:

  • Our matching donors grew from Libby’s match of $1 to $2.50 when it was coupled with an additional match of $1.50 from within Feeding America during the course of the campaign so each dollar collected became $3.50 to Feeding America or 24.5 Meals vice 7.
  • Many respondents to my initial email, Twitter-tweet, Facebook comment, Linked-in status or my blog Veritate et Virtute  started their own Virtual Canned Food Drive, donated directly to Feeding America  via Libby’s
  • Others gave of their time at their local food banks – individually, with their church, or Scout troops
  • Others donated food directly to their local food banks
  • Within our campaign, combined donations amounted to $3745, about 50% above our goal of $2500, and more than twice Libby’s recommended campaign target of $1500 – when you include the individual efforts of all, we truly exceeded our goal of $2500/35,000 meals. 
  • With the $2.50 in matching funds, Feeding America has sufficient funds to put more than 90,000 meals on the tables of those who use America’s food banks.  (In 2009, we collectively provided funds sufficient for more than 60,000 meals).

Our efforts led the nation in raising funds via Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive.

I thank you for your kindness and generosity in helping address Hunger in America.   You may rest assured I will be organizing a similar campaign in 2011, and know I can count on your support at that time as we continue to our collective efforts to address food insecurity in America.

All the very best,
Christopher Burgess

PS:  I very much look forward to collaborating in 2011.

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