Cassidy - Age 16

Cassidy Andel was a 16-year-old from Cooperstown, North Dakota who hung herself at her home on November 4, 2010.  I wrote of Cassidy’s death in, “Bullycide: My time has come, and so I’m gone”   Cassidy was bullied beyond her ability to cope.  Her friends have created a Facebook Tribute Page and the Cassidy family issued an open letter concerning their daughter’s suicide.  In the letter they note how Cassidy suffered from depression and anxiety Family of Cassidy Andel Releases Open Letter and there have been numerous video tributes to Cassidy on the internet.  I have selected two, take the time and watch them both.  

 Cassidy Joy Andel – You will be Missed:

Cassidy Joy Andel – a tribute:



Bullying: The 34 we lost in 2010 to Bullycide.