Jordan Binion, a 17-year-old high school senior at Graham Kapowsin High School in Graham, Washington.  Friends say that he was tormented and bullied to the point of feeling helpless.  According to Seattle’s KOMO-TV, Jordan was tormented by students at his school and got into a fight off school campus.  Following the altercation, a text message making fun of him allegedly was distributed and shared amongst the students.  On 19 October 2010, Jordan took his own life.

The school board stated they had never received any complaints from Jordan or Jordan’s parents.  “We are, however, looking into a report of a text message that was circulated and trying to get to the bottom of that and see what that message included and trying to find out who may have sent it,” says Krista Carlson of the Bethel School District. “Unless we’re aware of it we can’t do anything about it.”

ABC’s Shomari Stone Exclusive: 

Family blames bulllying for Graham teen’s suicide

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