Corey - Age 19

Corey Jackson, 19 years of age, sophomore at Oakland University in Michigan took his own life on 19 October 2010.  The campus police spokesperson said their investigation showed no evidence bullying played a role in the teen’s death.  He continued that they (the police) had talked to a number of people who he classified as close acquaintances and they confirmed that that (bullying) did not occur.  Conversely, Corey’s family told WDIV that he was gay, and they believe he was bullied as a result of his sexual orientation and that the bullying led to his suicide.  His grandmother is quoted as saying, “I believe (it happened) because he recently realized he was a homosexual and he was getting pressured at school by his peers because he told his family and nothing changed here. Corey was the most loving, giving, funny person. He had the most wonderful personality. He had cousins from ages 14 down to 2 and he never said a bad word about anybody. When he went to school and he realized his sexual preference had changed, he changed completely. He withdrew.”