Billy - Age 15

Billy Lucas was a 15-year-old Greensburg, Indiana youth who committed suicide on September 9, 2010.  He was found hanging from his family’s barn rafters.  His last night was spent with his animals – his mother said she last saw him about 8pm when he went out to put up the horses.   Billy had been suspended from school earlier that same day when he reacted to some girls harassing him during class when he reacted with a stream of profanity.  His mother noted that he had told his friends that others were bothering him and harassing him.  One classmate noted that “the bullies would call Billy, ‘gay and tell him to go kill himself'”

Immediately prior to his taking his life, he called 911 and asked police to come to his house, he told them he was causing problems for his mother.  His mother interceded and said that there were no issues.  The coroner and the school district said there were no signs of bullying, nor was the school aware of any issues. 

There are numerous video memorials to Billy Lucas.  Here is one from Family and Friends:

RIP Billy Lucas:

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