Scott - Age 18

Scott Walz was an 18 year-old senior at Johnsburg High School, Johnsburg, Illinois, who died on March 4, 2010, he hung  himself at his family’s home.  He had been bullied since the third grade.  When the parents engaged the elementary school, when Scott was in 4th grade, they were told that Scott has to “toughen up.”  

Scott had tried to hang himself previously in 2004.  According to his mother all the slurs and attacks would overwhelm their son when he came home after school.  He tired of being called a “freak” and “a creeper.”     

Here is a video from Scott’s mother, Nancy Walz on Scott’s death  (Video Link) .  Take a moment and listen to her explain the trials and tribulations that Scott encountered everyday and how she and the family worked to keep Scott alive through the depression and bullying.  

And a video snippet from CBS:


Scott’s Obituary
Scotts Story



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