Christian - Age 16

Christian Taylor was a 16-year-old high school freshman at Grafton High School in York County Virgina.  Christian, was bullied and tormented at the school over a sustained period of time. Christian and his mother had complained to both law enforcement and school officials weeks prior to Christian taking his life, by hanging,  in late May 201o. 

Law enforcement “found no crime” and referred the matter to the school.

According to the Associated Press, the school “County School Superintendent Eric Williams said that as soon as school officials learned about the situation, administrators met with the students who were involved and their parents “and took immediate action.” He refused to elaborate, citing student privacy laws. The superintendent said teachers and administrators “made contact with the student who passed away throughout the month of May to determine whether any additional assistance was needed,” but he said could not divulge the results of those encounters.”

A classmate of Christian’s posted this plea on You Tube:  People don’t seem to CARE anymore. This is a serious thing. My heart goes out to Chris’s family and friends, and to Kendra. Though some choose to joke and laugh about the horrible misfortune of this guy, I can’t keep this image of him out of my head. This really is the “Wounded generation” as Christofer Drew says. Also said by CD, “Love is the weapon”. We have to come together and support each other and the loved ones of this guy. Not just for a day. For a long time. This is something that will stick with me forever. I’m not going to forget. And I’m not going to try to.

AP story about Christian Taylor:  Virginia mom blames teen son’s suicide on bullying

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