Ashley – Age 15

Ashley Rogers was a 15-year-old Sophomore at Glenn High School in Kernersville, NC, who in April 2010, hung herself in her family’s home following two days of bullying from two classmates from Glenn High School.  The harassment came in the form of text messages.  The two boys began at 1030PM on the evening of April 08 and continued to pepper Ashley with text messages throughout the evening ending at around 0730AM the morning of April 09.  Ashley’s mother called the school to advise that two students had been harassing their daughter.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported the school’s action: “”The administrators talked to all the students involved,” said Theo Helm, a spokesman for the school system. The students were told that such behavior would not be tolerated. Because the messages were not sent during school hours, no disciplinary action was taken against the students, Helm said.”

Earlier this month, February 2011, Ashley’s mother spoke about her daughter’s death and the bullying which her daughter received.   In this piece you will hear about relational bullying inside the schools, and how it serves to isolate the targeted child.

Winston-Salem Journal – Student at Glenn hangs self

*Note: 18Dec2014 – Per Ashley’s mother, Ashley was harassed by two boys (not two girls as we noted in our original piece) – we have corrected this fact.



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