Miles and miles proved to be the mantra of 2009, as I traveled to all corners of the world again, speaking to industry and government on a wide variety of topics.  The book, Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost proved to be a prognostication piece, as world events showed the threat vectors highlighted in the book, all became reality with corporations across the globe experiencing the loss of intellectual property.    – Christopher



– Speaker:  “Secrets Stlone, Fortunes Lost, Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century” – Secure World Seattle – October 2009, Seattle, WA

– Speaker:  “Security Challenges, Today and Tomorrow” – Delaware’s Cyber Brief – October 2009, Dover, DE
  – Speaker:  “Cisco Enterprise Security Strategy” – On Guard for Your Assets: 2009 Rotman-TELUS Joint Study on Canadian IT Security Practices – September 2009, Toronto, Canada
– Speaker: “Common Sense Approach to Social Media” – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – Information Assurance Symposium – September 2009, Mons, Belgium
    – Panelist: “Risk Management in Challenging Economic Times” – Burton Group Catlyst Conference – July 2009 – San Diego, CA

– Panelist: “Intellectual Property Protection in Tumultuous Times” – Deloitte – April 2009 – San Jose, CA